Sunday, July 04, 2010

Residents: Dangerous toxins in Leon Creek come from Air Force base

by Brian New / KENS 5

Posted on July 1, 2010 at 6:52 PM

Updated Thursday, Jul 1 at 7:31 PM

South-side residents want the government to clean-up a potential deadly health risk after the discovery of dangerous toxins in Leon Creek and a warning not to eat the fish you catch there.

Robert Alvarado says the creek he has lived by for 40 years becomes more and more toxic every time it rains.

This past week the Texas Department of State Health issued a warning for Leon Creek after tests found levels of the chemical compound -- known as PCB's --to be nearly three times what the state considers a health threat to people.

"The big question that all of us want to know is what is the source of the contamination - where is it originating from." said Tommy Camden of the Metro Health Department.

However, while health officials may not know where it's coming from, residents said they do.

South-side resident Diana Lopez said she has evidence showing the toxins are coming from the old Kelly Air Force Base.

"Independent reports, Air Force reports, have said that the same chemicals that are in the fish, in the creek, have also been present, and are still present on the Air Force Base," she said

While the Air Force awaits the results of a federal investigation, residents, like Alvarado, said they have waited long enough.

"Right now we're finding fish. Later on we're going to find people down the stream dead," he warned.

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