Friday, July 02, 2010

Atenco Vive!

On June 29th the National Day of Action for the Release of the Political Prisoners of Atenco, Southwest Workers' Union protested outside the Federal Building in San Antonio, TX. It was one of many solidarity actions. After leaving the US Social Forum in Detroit we resolved to act in solidarity with the Political Prisoners of San Salvador Atenco.

Also present were community representatives from Arizona, ground zero, where there is a low-intensity war and militarization against our communities there.

The action took place after the People's Freedom Caravan returned from the US Social Forum from Detroit, and after having acted in solidarity with numerous communities in resistance along the way to Detroit. The People's Freedom Movement continues.

We were overjoyed to hear that Today, June 1st 2010, after years of protest and struggle for their release, the Twelve Atenco Political Prisoners including Ignacio del Valle were ordered freed from their unjust inprisonment. The hardship that their families have faced can never be forgotten and the struggle continues. The crimes against women who were sexually assaulted, the beatings, the injuries and the deaths that occurred during the raid of the community of resistance in San Salvador Atenco will never be forgotten. The crimes against communities of resistance by officials of the State of Mexico (el Mal Gobierno) continue and must continue to be denounced with the support of the international community.

We know that the impunity of the currupt and unjust mal gobierno is not invincible.

Zapata Vive y Vive! La Lucha Sigue y Sigue!

-Anayanse Garza
Southwest Workers' Union

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