Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Another South is Possible!!

6 delegates from SWU attended the Southeast Social Forum in Durham North Carolina, June 16-18. This event brought together grassroots social justice activities from all over the region for panels, workshops, cultural events and information sharing. Over 550 people registered in this first regional forum that is building towards the US Social Forum in Altanta in June 2007. This served as a valuable place to continue to build on our relationships with the South and meet more organizations. We saw many familiar faces.

SWU organized a workshop on Climate Justice and Oil in the Gulf Coast, the Border Social Forum and participated in the Black-Brown Alliance Building discussion.

Many thanks to Project South for their amazing work to make this happen and to Tin and Alexis for connecting us with the local culture.

Hear SWU's own superstar, Genaro Rendon, on the radio from the Southeast Social Form

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