Monday, May 29, 2006

WANTED: Senator John Cornyn, Texas

On May 19th, SWU with members of its new local "Migrantes Unidos," Fuerza Unida and participants from the International Women's Conference denounced the crimes of Senator John Cornyn. A delegation delivered a statement to Cornyn and residents offered compelling testemony about the need for migrant rights and a demilitarized border.


· Racist Policies Against Migrantes

· Dividing Families

· Increasing Violence on the Border

· Bringing Troops to the Border

· Rejecting Legalization of Workers

· Building a Wall of Death Along the Border

· Supporting a New Bracero Program

· Causing Job Loss and Lower Wages for Workers through Free Trade Agreements

Protest at Cornyn speech

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GeoMan said...

John Cornyn is an American HERO! He is 100% opposed to amnesty. He is for a TEMPORARY guest worker (not leading to citizen) program for 6 years. He wants to set a 6 month deadline for people not in the program to return home, because 50% of the farming and 25% of the construction in this countries jobs are held by illegals. We have to have temporary relief for the morons that put us in the position like Ted Kennedy. John Cornyn is smart enough to realize this.

Senator Cornyn voted AGAINST S. 2611(the amnesty bill)! You make it sound like he voted for it! He devised amendments like felony background checks, department of labor crack down on employers, and voted against social security benefits for illegals!